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Leaving Japan with some Shred of my Dignity

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Previous Entry Leaving Japan with some Shred of my Dignity Oct. 18th, 2004 @ 08:26 pm Next Entry
About three weeks ago in class a boy asked me to play the tuba at the school festival at the end of October. I have told a few teachers that I played the tuba in high school and middle school but I didn’t know word had gotten out. I was interested but do not know if I still have the skill. It has been about 6 years since I have played, and I don’t even remember if I can read the music. I went to the music club to see. It turns out I can still play the B-flat scale. But I can’t read music anymore. I mean I really can’t read it. I can am okay by myself, but when we played together I was literally lost no less than 6 measures in. This happened every song. I forgot what symbles meant and more or less am music illerterate. It was pretty sad. I had to respectfully tell the teacher I cherished the opportunity but I simply do not have the skill to do it. She didn’t understand, language barrier strikes again! Later another teacher told me he would help me to learn the Tuba. I explained the music was too hard and I haven’t played in 6 years. He said he would help! I have been avoiding the topic, it would now appear that I am off the hook. Although if this festival I am handed a tuba I will be most embarrassed and people will be walking away with hurting ears. But that was not enough! I don’t know if I look like some with talent, but now they want me to sing at the festival. They want me to sing the Queen “We will rock you” song. I sing the part with lots of English words and the kids sing the chorus, “We will, we will rock you!” Gaaah! Singing is worse than Tubaing! I am unable to say no to pressure, remember I did invite a cult into my house that one time, but I also would like to escape Japan with some semblance of ego! Luckily I got one of my English teachers to promise to sing with me. I am hoping she can handle all the music bits and I can handle the pronunciation, maybe together we can be a musical tour de force. The other thing I should remember is they will probably love me no matter what I do, at least I hope that is the case. Needless to say I have to learn the song by Monday, guess who needs to schedule some karaoke over the weekend?
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Date:October 18th, 2004 08:49 am (UTC)
When I was in Thailand, my cousin (who I was staying with), his friends, and I all went out to a karaoke, uh, restaurant. There were rooms for each group, so it wasn't quite so public. Anyway, every time an song in English came up, regardless if I'd ever heard of it or not, they made me sing it just because it was English. I remember trying to make up the melody on some Brittany Spears song I'd never heard :-P
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Date:October 18th, 2004 04:14 pm (UTC)


I'm imagining you singing Queen for an auditorium full of Japanese middleschool students and teachers, and it makes me laugh. Not that I think you'll do badly...it's just funny. Thanks for bringing joy to my day;)
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