Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

Inhuman: Teaser

So David gave a nice little teaser on his blog about his story in the upcoming Inhuman: Flash Fiction Challenge #4 which is an anthology of stories all written from the perspective of a non-human character.  I liked the idea so much, I decided to steal it outright.

I have 2 stories to be published in the work:

"Duet" is the story of a futuristic knight and what he must give up for justice in an unjust universe.  He struggles to maintain the delicate balance between his personal morality and the absolutist morality of his code which is personified in his sword.

"A Mathematician's Galatea" is inspired by G.H. Hardy's "A Mathematician's Apology" and a retelling of the Pygmalion myth.  It is a character portrait of a mathematician struggling to come to grips with the realization that he is in the twilight of his career and his inability to meaningfully connect with anyone other than his "companion" robot.

So if these sound interesting, Inhuman: Flash Fiction Challenge #4, is due out at the end of July.  Expect further updates as I get them.

BONUS:  This is a teaser for the piece they would have accepted, but did not becasue I already had 2 pieces from me that they really liked.  I may just publish the story here, or try to get it into another publication (let me think about it)
"Everyone Against Everyone" is a retelling of the Hobbesian notion of the Absolute Sovereign.  The story takes place in the future where the inner terrestrial worlds are completely controlled by the omnipresent artificial intelligence, the Ω-L Sovereign, while the outer Jovial worlds are at best libertarian free states and at worst anarchist.  The Jovian main character speaks to the the Sovereign as part of the citizenship exchange program where, once of age, individuals can decide to be a citizen of either state.  The story is an examination of the application of Hobbes' argument and the character's final decision.


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