Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

I'm a Published Author! Part Duex

I finally got an email from Absolute XPress (it actually didn't take that long, it just FELT like forever).  I am very pleased to announce that they accepted two of my stories for publication in their next anthology.  Hurray!  I thought 3 were strong enough for publication, but I'm happy that they picked my two favorites, so I am very pleased.  

Expect tons of annoying "I'M AWESOME" updates :P

EDIT 6-14-10:
One of the great things about the publisher is that they will provide reasons why stories are rejected.  That is unbelievably rare and awesome in the publishing world.  Needless to say, I always ask for it.  Of the 6 stories I submitted they were going to accept 3 of them(!), but had so many entries this time that they had to implement a 2 story limit per author.  Of the 3 they selected their 2 favorite entries.  Which is cool because I don't live off of my writing so I'm happy getting less money and knowing that some new author got a spot that one of my stories would have been in.  Still, I'm officially claiming I batted .500 on this one, better than my original round of .333 :)

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