Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

I'm a Published Author!

Some moments in a person's life are realer than others. I've known for about a month now that one of my short stories will be published in a compilation novel in April. The whole, "I'm a published author" thing seemed to have sunk in. I seemed to have processed it. I was pumped, but for some reason I didn't tell anyone. I'm not sure why. I guess I was waiting for the right time or something. In truth, I guess it didn't actually feel real.

Today I typed my name into Amazon and there it was. The first hit. The book: the book that I'm in. That made it real. That was one of those, "Wow" moments. I'm on Amazon. I'm on Amazon!

What makes this even better is that one of my best friends is also in the book. I've known David since middle school, and I'm really lucky to have him as a friend. David mostly does freelance non-fiction work, and this is his first fiction entry as well. It's wonderful that we are both have stories in the same book.

So there we both are on Amazon. Realness achieved!

The book is entitled Thieves and Scoundrels: Absolute XPress Flash Fiction Challenge #3

Now for the promotional type stuff--as a published author I have to get used to dealing with my public :P I will be participating in a Virtual Book Launch on and Absolute Xpress' website (my publisher) on April 10 between Noon - 7pm (Eastern Time) The goal is to increase the book's buzz on Amazon. This can be accomplished by buying the book, just viewing the book's Amazon page, adding it to a wish list, or suggesting the book to a friend. All these actions will increase our book's ranking on This is good for the publisher, and, in turn good, for me. I hate self promotional where people have to buy things, so let me stress you need not buy the book. If you just look it up on Amazon on April 10th that will be doing me a favor--but seriously you should buy the book :P

I'm a published author now!

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