Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

Story Ideas

So I've been so busy at work and school lately. As some of you know I wrote 2 books while in Japan and have completed a few short stories. I've been too busy to clean them up for publication, but I really really need to. Now that I have some free time because my 20 and 10 page papers are turned in, I hope to get some me writing done.

Right now I'm in a creative mood and am going through a creative spurt. I'm kicking around two story ideas. The first is a story of a world with four overlapping realities that share the same landscape but are on different planes so they never interact. There is an eternal race that distributes the energies of the world that accidentally introduces the groups to each other sparking a four way civil war, the eternal race charges itself with keeping the peace between the different realities. The eternal race will have special abilities akin to magic, but not strictly speaking magic. The energies of the world are more akin to a elan vital than a mystical force/magic energies. Similarly, there will be rules to the elan vital that also govern the eternal race. I view the elan vital as a character of the story with its own quirks and whims. The story centers around that the eternal race is suddenly dying. I have thought this story out a lot more, but don't feel like giving away every detail now.

The second idea just kind of came to me a few days ago. It's called "The Seventh Song" Essentually the Singer of Songs, god, goes to the edge of the writhing Chaos. Into the tempest he sings the Seven Songs of Creation, separating the world as it is. Into the hands of the Seven Great Kingdoms of Man the Singer gives a copy of each song and explains that if all seven songs are sang again the world would be undone. God then vanishes from the world leaving humanity to its destiny. The book would essentially be seven vaguely connected stories of how the songs came to be sung. I'm not sure if the world is destroyed in the end but I'm playing with some ideas as each song is sung the world is drastically altered as more and more of it is no longer delineated from the original chaos. This will also serve as the "magic" of the world. As the world begins to collapse back into itself people begin to manifest in such a way that there essence predates the song being sung. So I'm thinking the hero in one of the stores can teleport over short distances because the song that separated "Presence from Nonpresence" has already been sung allowing him to violate normal laws of space. I have no idea what the separations will be or why people would want to sing the sangs to destroy the world. That's on the to do list :P

Any thoughts?

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