Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

You spin me right 'round, baby/ Right 'round like a record, baby

As I was driving to school today I was turning onto 77 when suddenly the back end of my truck went swinging widly around. I ended up doing about a 280 degree spin and facing down the on ramp. Now there are certain times that I entertain the idea that I am "a bit of a badass", but then things like this happen. As I was spinning around thinking that death was imminant I either yelled, "Yikes!" or "Oh dear!" I can't remember which. I would think that if I was going out in a car crash, I'd be yelling all kinds of profanities, but no, I went with the rated G profanity. Dork.

Anyway, the truck spun out and I was facing down the on ramp. I put on the four-way flashers, get out of the car and did a quick inspection, and see nothing apparently wrong. So I drove across the street to the Marathon station and called Dad. He gave me some pointers on what to look for, I did another inspection and nothing seemed too wrong. So I started to drive away and just turning back onto the road I could feel the truck shuttering and not gripping properly in the turn. Back to Marathon and on the phone with Dad. We decided he'd come get me. Turns out my tire mysteriously deflated. We put on the spare and drove home. $70 later I have a new tire to replace the magically deflating one. I missed school making it my first philosophy course absence ruining my perfect attendance.

I was pretty shaken up and am really really tired of the bottomless money pit that is my truck.

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