Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

I just finished voting. Despite his website reporting that he got the needed number of signatures, Cobb failed to appear on the ballot. Nader was also disqualified. So I was stuck with voting Constitution Party (the party that claims it is God's mandate only men be in the military protecting the country and women), Libertarian (have some great ideas but Unbridled No Holds Barred Capitalism is scary to me) - not that either were mentioned by party name, just “other-party” - or our friends the Rebublicrats. I can’t vote Libertarian, I really love their social agenda, but their economic agenda down right terrifies me. Badnarik and Peroutka just don't represent me. Cobb was suppose to be on the ballot. It was crushing not to see his name. I was going to vote for Cobb. I realize that in order to fix the system I need to believe in the system. In order to make the world a better place I had to VOTE the world into a better place. Kerry is not going to do that. One look at this and it is obvious . A Cobb or a Nader will change things. Nader was suppose to be there too, but at least I knew he had gotten screwed out it. So I voted against Bush. I voted against. Michael Moore’s Ficus documentary proved that write-ins are only read if there is even a chance they will be high, and even then it is sketchy at best. So I could have written Cobb, but no one would have seen it. It is like those people that march around and around Tappin Square at Oberlin. They think they are making a difference but no one is watching no one ever sees it. They are matching for themselves and no one else. What good is a message if no one gets it? I could have written in Cobb and maybe even felt good about myself for doing it, but it wouldn’t matter, because no one would see it. What good is taking a stand, what good is fighting the system, when no one will see it and join you? I voted for Kerry because in the end the system took away my ability even to “send a message.” Last time I voted it actually felt great. I felt whole and important because I got a chance to vote for someone that really represented me. I got to vote for Nader, I got to send a message, I got to participate in our system, and most importantly I never let the system turn me so negative I voted against. I thought that is how it would always be. Four short years later I voted against. For short years later I voted for a man that doesn’t represent me. For short years later I had the ability to send my message stolen from me. Cobb had the signatures, Nader had the signatures. They should have been on that ballot. I feel hollow right now. No one that votes should feel this way. It should be an honor and a privlage to pick the individual that best represents you. There is no glory in this. I could have taken a step in a better direction, but Cobb was not allowed to appear on the ballot. In the end I decided that having my vote counted towards someone that doesn't represent me is more important than writting someone that truely represents me in but not being counted.

The third question from the end of the ballot was something to this effect, “Should the Ohio Constitution Legally Define marriage as strictly between a man and a woman?” I voted “no.” The man I voted for President just 23 questions earlier would have voted “yes.” Democracy is all about choices.

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