Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

Why stand up when we can just compromise harder?

A fantastic open letter to President Obama from (of all people) Larry Flint. The language is a bit course, but these are course times requiring lines in the sand.

President Obama:
You have proven to be a great campaigner. You have yet to demonstrate your ability to govern. Who needs the Republicans? They don’t know what compromise is. They’re just out to derail your presidency. Bitch slap ’em at every opportunity and put them in their place. They lost; you didn’t.

As for disloyal Democrats, you need to yank the carpet out from under them. Remind them that their survival is dependent upon yours. Don’t pull punches, Mr. President. You need some gonads, and if you don’t have any, as Hillary would say, you’d better grow some. You have failed to keep many campaign promises. You’ve ignored civil-liberty violations such as warrantless wiretapping. You passed a stimulus package that is obviously full of pork for Democrats. You handed over billions more in taxpayer dollars to crooked bankers. You listened to the very people who created our economic meltdown, the Mutt and Jeff team of Larry Summers and Tim Geithner. You’ve let the insurance lobbyists hijack health-care reform to the detriment of every man, woman, and child in America.

You must say what you mean and mean what you say. Closing Guantanamo means just that. You could do it right now, Mr. President. You don’t have to wait until January. You can place terrorist suspects in the federal correctional system without creating any risk to our citizens.
You’re a nice guy. Everybody likes nice guys. Sometimes they finish last. You don’t want that, and neither do those of us who voted you in.

The American people have placed their future in your hands. For heaven’s sake don’t let them down. Don’t let yourself down.

Larry Flynt
Publisher, Hustler magazine

I'd add Don't Ask Don't Tell to the list of Mr. Flynt's. It is time that liberals start making some noise in this country. Obama's liberal campaign talk has not been backed up by liberal deeds. This is unacceptable. So long as liberals simply vote for democrats that don't serve our interests our interests will never be served. The Dems have a super majority, come out of one of the strongest mandates in recent history, and overwhelming support (which is slipping due to inaction). The rationale for needing to vote for crappy Dems due to Republican boogiemen seems hollower day-by-day. I often say we need less Clinton and more FDR out of Obama. I fear that comparison is growing inaccurate. As more and more campaign promises go unaddressed, I am beginning to fear we actually need less Hoover.

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