Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

Ursa Major

I was mucking about in the backyard tonight and Ursa Major was particularly beautiful so I tried my hand at taking a few pictures of it. Ursa Major contains the asterism The Big Dipper. I attempted to take pictures of both the handle and the cup, and combined them in the second picture. A neat feature is that the camera saw what I cannot. The second star of the handle is actually a two stars, Alcor and Mizar. If you can see both stars you have good eyesight and would traditionally be allowed to go into the crow's nest on ships as well as special night watchman perks. I can't see Alcor and Mizar, but my camera clearly captures both.

Tree in my backyard and the Big Dipper

Combined Dipper and tree, notice Alcor and Mizar are clearly visible in the handle:

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