Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

I'm (not) a PC

I used to be a PC. I used to love PCs and was an ardent defender of Windows. Then when Macs went intel chips and could run Windows I decided to give them a try.

Forget all the nonsense spin about how Mac OS and programs are more intuitive than windows programs. They aren't. They have their own set of quirks and things you need to learn -- just like windows. Certain things could be better different ways. But here's what Macs do do, THEY WORK! Which is more than I can say for PCs.

It should be noted that I do things right. I am careful to maintain my computers and not do stupid things with them. My Alienware recently underwent the usual Windows update and suddenly getting stuck on a driver and would not boot at all. Not into Safe Mode, not nothing. I had to jump through hoop after hoop to disable the driver. Then the video driver doesn't work anymore. Got that fixed and find out that my machine no longer sees my additional hard drives. I can't get it to recognize them. I suppose I'll have to open the thing up unplug them and plug them back in. B.S. Windows is such crap.

I've worked on 3 Macs now (mine, and my parents have 2) and the only problem we have ever had is the learning curve of getting to know a new OS. That's it. No random network bridges (whatever the hell those are), no random drivers rejecting the motherboard (my current problem), no random blue screens of death (my beloved IBM), no random slowdowns. I plug macs in and they work. I tell them to connect to the internet and they connect. No network adapter configurations, no random spyware and viruses. They just work.

Don't believe all the hype about Macs being more logical or intuitive. But believe me when I tell you that they WORK, they just WORK. So you have the time to learn that "return" does not open a program but instead toggles the rename feature. You can learn such idiosyncrasy because you are not busy fixing the latest bullshit random problem that has popped up because you are running a windows machine.

My name is Andrew, and I used to be a PC.

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