Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

Operation: GPDT

School is done for the semester! Hurray!

Now I start my summer project, Operation Get Published or Die Trying. I really need to beef up my publishing cred. I wrote somethings for the JET Program that it was indicated would be published in some form, but who knows what they ended up doing with the things I wrote. So my goal is to get some things published and be able to wave it in potential employers/grad school people's faces yelling, "See, see, give me money!"

To accomplish this I've decided to shotgun this. I have diverse interests and my potential publishing list reflects that.

Here's what I've got cooking:

I. Sci-fi Short Stories

1) "Trogger's Tale" -- The distopic future about consumerism, voyeurism, and lack of objective reality.

2) "You Can't Stir a Superfluid" -- two scientists discuss science and end up monkeying around with the Lunar Partial Accelerator.

3) "The Mute" -- A man is found as the sole survivor of his planet but no one can speak his language. A look at the role of history and the historian.

4) "The Green Belt" -- Parallel to the Iraq War in which a soldier wonders what they are doing trying to put down a Martian insurgency as the planet continues to be terraformed.

5) Just an idea: "Moving Day" -- a family packs and prepares to move to the next city in a circular ring on Mercury as the current city begins to exit twilight and enter the Sunside.

II. My fantasy book and its sequel as well as 1/4 to 1/3 of the finale.

Book 1 "The Light of the Learned" -- what is the role of science and philosophy in an immoral world? How do the mortals interact with their parasitic gods?

Book 2 "The Twilight of Faith" -- the fallout from book 1 and continuation of themes of book 1 as some mortals begin to fight back against the gods, and the characters struggle to find meaning in their science, their friendships/loves, and their philosophies.

Book 3 "The Starless Patch of Night" -- conclusion to the trilogy and still in progress.

III. Writing Center Theory

1) "An Empiricist Goes to the Writing Laboratory" -- a scholarly article about how "audience" is not as important a consideration as it is traditionally thought. A look at Bertrand Russell's notions of knowledge by acquaintance and knowledge by description to create a better way to help clients.

IV. Philosophy (these I haven't written at all just kind of have some ideas)

1) A look at Descartes' notions of absolute skepticism, and the proper conclusion that we can draw from it. I will show that the only thing we can conclude in such a situation is not that we exist (Descartes conclusion), or that we are experiencing sense data (Husserl and Russell's conclusion), but the true conclusion is that an external world exists.

2) A refinement of Russell's knowledge by description whereby we treat everything as equipment with margins of error when judging if it should be believed.

V. Book about Japan

1) I really want to write a book about my time in Japan and think that large portions of this blog can be converted without too much hassle.

If anyone wants to read any of my stuff let me know. I'm always happy to hear comments, but the goal is to get published so act now or you will have to pay for it when it is in a magazine :P

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