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Getting There

About "For All Your Rational Thought Needs"

Previous Entry Getting There May. 8th, 2009 @ 10:52 pm Next Entry
Job is done until Summer Term starts up in June. Hurray!
Two finals to go until school is over. Have to read some about aesthetics and finish my paper about Henri Bergson and Bertrand Russell, you are so going down Bergson.

I have discovered that Rudolf Carnap may be my philosophy co-pilot, but Bertrand Russell is in the back seat reading us fun stories if there is nothing on the radio. We occasionally give W.V.O. Quine a ride because he is an Obie and because I respect his essay Two Dogmas of Empiricism even if I think it is ultimately wrong. I don't know where we are driving, but that's who's in the car... a car that's made out of philosophy.
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