Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

Pirates, Logical Proof, & Flickr

I updated my flickr page. It contains some great pictures of the garden and two of a kimono exhibit we went to in Canton. Finally there are pictures from the Good Year Blimp. My parents got to ride it while I was at school T_T

And as an added bonus, please enjoy this logical proof:

I’m not a fan of pirates (I’ve always been pro-ninja) but what really gets my goat is how these Somali criminals are being called pirates, when they logically cannot be. Here is the proof:

1. ∀x(Px→Gx)
2. ∀x(Mx→~Gx)
3. Ms // ~Ps
4. Ps→Gs U.I. 1
5. Ms→~Gs U.I. 2
6. ~Gs M.P. 3,5
7. ~Ps M.T. 4,6

Such that:
Px is “x is a pirate”
Gx is “x drinks grog”
Mx is “x is Muslim”
s is “Somali”

The argument written in English is as follows:
1. All Pirates drink Grog.
2. All Muslims do not drink Grog.
3. The Somalis are Muslim.
4. If the Somalis are Pirates, then they would drink Grog.
5. If the Somalis are Muslims, then they do not drink Grog.
6. Since the Somalis ARE Muslims they do not drink Grog.
7. Therefore, since the Somalis do not drink Grog, they cannot be Pirates.

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