Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

BSG: The End

I know everyone is interested in my take on the Battlestar Galactica Finale (yeah I know you are, admit it, go ahead).

At first I was sort of indifferent. It didn't work but it didn't fall apart either, but given time to swish it around in my mouth a big, I dig it. I think it ended well. I had to take a step back, if I think too much about the plot details there are things I can't seem to get passed, but if I pull back and look at the whole thing it worked. It focused on the characters rather than the details of the plot, which is in many ways what BSG is about and why I have been disappointing with parts of the last section of this season.

WARNING: Spoilers to follow

My favorite characters were Boomer and the Chief. I often feel the Chief has been sacrificed on the altar of plot device. I found his ending the most disappointing and disjointed. It is the only one I can't quite swallow. The Chief was traditionally the optimist, and I'd like to think that even after all that happened he was still a person that believed in something. I can understand why he'd want to go live by himself, but it was so sad and if anyone deserved a happy ending it was the Tyrol. I also don't quite buy it. It just didn't work for me with him going off to die by himself.

Boomer's ending was more acceptable, but I would have preferred a happy ending for her. I doubted there could be one for Boomer (though I really wanted her and Tyrol to end up together again). I was glad she was given some measure of redemption, but I wish they had explored the notion that we "like" Baltar who has betrayed the human race countless times, yet it's "okay" to kill Boomer. Okay, yeah I just wanted Boomer and the Chief together again!

I really really thought the Opera House sequence was so slickly woven into the narrative. For the entirety of the series you thought that Baltar and Caprica were stealing Hara, so for them to actually be protecting her was a very convincing and great twist, particularly when incorporated into the general dreamy and metaphorical nature of the BSG narrative. So much of the show is told via metaphor, the flashes between reality and dream was fantastic.

I am also very happy with Starbuck's ending. A lot of people were annoyed by it, but I thought it was great. The thing that works about BSG is that it doesn't always work. The ship doesn't work, the characters don't work, the plot doesn't work, and yet the whole thing works. So much of the show is dysfunctional, disjointed, and disturbing. So for Starbuck to just vanish, really did it for me. How did she get there? How did she get the new viper? When you really think about it, it is frustrating that these loose ends are not at all tied up, but take a step back and look at her as a character and it all makes sense and is beautiful. I don't know, someone her just vanishing really worked for me.

There are some things that I have trouble getting over, I really hated the whole
Lee: Let's abandon all technology including our medical technology, and die from basic things like the common cold again!
Everyone else: YEAH! Great idea!
Ummm... no. That was dumb. That was dumb on a stick. I really didn't like that.

At first I did not like the tie in to modern Earth, but as I thought about it I thought it really lent itself to the "all of this has happened before, all of this will happen again" theme of the show. It also made what they did far more meaningful in that all that happened on the show, led to modern society. I liked that (when I thought about it a few times). As an aside I have seen every robot that they showed at the end, and that's fun.

I also really liked Hara's ending, that she is Eve. That was slick and brought her meaning. Everyone said she was super important and until that last scene she just didn't seem that important. She got them to "Earth II" sort of, but other than that she was just some girl. The fact that she IS the human race was a great way to make her important.

I was also disappointing that they all went their separate ways. It seems silly to me that Adama would leave Lee, and Tigh would leave Adama. I guess a big complaint of the final run down is that things jumped too much. The last 10 episodes pushed too hard at times and characters got sacrificed for plot. I feel like the final 10 would have been better played out over a season rather than half a season. Still BSG remains probably one of if not the best show ever on TV.

Questions. So here are some of my lingering questions,
1) Was Anders the dying leader? He literally "led" the fleet, and was the clear Cylon leader? The Pres made it to the surface, she "saw" the promised land, where Anders did not.

2) What happened to Dianna (Number Three) she was the defacto Cylon leader and then disappeared! That was annoying and part of my complaint about the final season being too rushed.

3) An interesting theory is that Head Six and Head Baltar (the versions seen only in character's minds) were agents not of god but the devil. It stems from Six's red dress Baltar's black suit and the line that one of them talks about God and the other says, "You know he hates it when you call him that." It would also partially explain why they were interested in saving humanity so that the cycle of violence could be started again, but it is equally explainable that God hates to be called "God" because it is beyond names and all the really crappy ideas man has hung on the word "God". I'm torn on the idea.

What are your thoughts my loyal readers (and only friends)?

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