Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

The Carnage, THE CARNAGE: Or How I Will Bring Stability to the Region

Dave came by with Ellie. It was really great to see them both. Ellie is a really nice girl and I wonder how she ended up with a jerk like Dave :P I normally wouldn’t put Dave down like this, but my attitude towards him completely changed after the madness that was the Smash Brothers Events of Events. No mater what Dave (who is a liar in this regard) says I owned at Smash Brothers. Okay truth be told, Dave still has “it.” Despite not playing in over a year he still was on fire. The thing about Dave is he is unrelenting and unmerciful in his goals. He also does a great job of knowing when to go for the killing blow and when to go for a moving blow. Every attack I sustained and survived moved my character closer to the edge (and thus elimination.) It was a skill that has not dwindled with time. Dave also plays a slightly more defensive game than Eric making him a little harder to approach, and ultimately what I am use to. Also I am a melee player through and through so one on one has never been my forte. We didn’t play any big battles and so I never got to show off my Kirby-savant skills, which would have razzle dazzled Dave into dieing. Dave was also unimpressed with my Samus bomb-jump come back, which the first time you see usually leaves you open to attack. Instead he just nailed me with Ganondorf. Ganon is still by far Dave’s strongest character and I got owned. But I contest I had moral victory after moral victory! So I, in fact, won the more prestigious prize. It is obvious that I am a superior Smash Brothers player than Dave. If the current administration has proven anything to me it is this: if nothing else a blind overwhelming failure to see the true situation will see us through.

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