Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

I Break For Nothing... Apparently

On the way home today I stepped on my breaks and they felt normal and then very suddenly went all "spongy". For the rest of the ride home from Canton my breaks kept getting spongier and spongier. It was not very fun. I had to pump the breaks to really get them to work. Somewhere along the way the "ABS" and "Break" lights came on on my dash and I started to get a synthetic smell in my cab. By the time I turned onto my street I was just inching along because the breaks were so non-responsive. I pulled into my spot and slammed on the emergency break to hold me on the hill. Dad and I put some break fluid into the nearly empty reservoir, and when I pumped the breaks apparently it dripped like crazy under the body.

Monday we'll take it to get looked at. Yuck.

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