Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

It's My Birt-day!

Hurray I'm 365.25 days older!

I went to school, kicked some major ass at deductive proofs (I'm totally the best in the class at these, we do them at the board and I p0wn, no joke I'm The Deductor™), came home and my parents and I went to the Akron Zoo. The Zoo was great, way better than expected. We thought it was primarily a kid's zoo and would not be too fun (we were going for the jellyfish exhibit) but it totally rocked! We did not budget enough time for all the cool stuff. After running through the zoo we went to West Point Market and bought some super swank cheese. We then went to Wasabi, a Japanese steak house. It was a hibachi style grill. Our guy was really entertaining and funny. He put on a great show and I got to eat some maguro makizushi, yakisoba, steak + ponsu (ponzu?), and YES! white rice. To give you an idea how much I've missed good steamed rice, I finished my rice instead of my steak. Yeah... I'm a rice snob.

Tons o' fun.

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