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Flip a Coin - A Recovering Physicist's Apology

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Date:November 6th, 2008 08:38 am (UTC)


Andrew, don't you think you're oversimplifying the significance of individual congressional votes? Specifically, I find faulty your apparent premise that voting for a bill entails agreement with everything in said bill. Besides which, are there not plenty of mundane votes that aren't terribly significant? Votes where it is barely more than coincidence that Bush supported them? As a Texan I'll be the first to assert that Bush is either dastardly or an idiot or both, but he's not such evil incarnate that every bill he favors is purely corrosive to our country. I certainly don't disupute that Obama's voting record has its nicks and tarnishes and areas wanting, but that hardly equates to "agrees with Bush on 50% of issues".

I had hoped to find a similar analysis for others, for comparison, but I appear to have failed. Regardless, one data point (or two, with McCain) isn't terribly useful. What are Kucinich's figures, or Hagel, or Snowe, or Clinton?
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Date:November 7th, 2008 12:56 pm (UTC)

Re: conflation

McCain voting with Bush 90-95% of the time thing has been used by the Obama campaign constantly (particularly in the swing state of Ohio) to justify that McCain is virtually identical to Bush. So, yeah, I should have made it explicitly clear, by the Obama camps reasoning, Obama is 50% Bush.

I also realize the Senate passes some pretty frivolous stuff and that voting with Bush does not necessarily equate to thinking like Bush (just as contained within the 5% votes that McCain voted a different way may encompass all the important legislation where everything else might have been silly up or down votes on the deliciousness of cake). By showing Obama's pretty scary record, I hoped to show that he has agreed with the President on some pretty fundamentally anti-American things and has voted "with Bush" not on bills proclaiming the cuteness of kittens, but on Fourth Amendment rights.
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