Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

Flip a Coin

Okay, I know I'm a zealot, but I'm a zealot for the data. I partisan for the analysis. I'm a water carrier for the statistics. I'm a datacrat, and I'm proud of it! The Devil's in the Details, but God is in the Data.

So do this. Take out a coin. Think of anything you hate about Bush, and flip that coin. Heads Obama voted with the President, Tails he voted against. It is really that simple. Obama has voted with President Bush 40-50% of the time (proof here and here). These are not just simple parliamentary votes, this is stuff like the Bush Doctrine, FISA, handgun rights.

This is and has to be a change election. But ask yourself -- I mean this! -- flip that damn coin a few times calling out things that matter to you:

Do we have the right to invade other countries unprovoked? [FLIP]

Does the government have the right to listen to your phone conversations? [FLIP]

Do we need campaign finance/lobbyist reform? [FLIP]

Do gays and lesbians deserve equal rights under the law or are they separate but equal? [FLIP]

Should we further tare down the wall between our government and religion by extending faith based initiatives? [FLIP]

Should we use "clean call" and "limited" off-shore drilling? [FLIP]

Is Justice Scalia right on gun control? [FLIP]

Is Justice Scalia right on the death penalty? [FLIP]

Iraq? [FLIP]

And so on...

Now these are all things Obama AGREES with BUSH on. The coin flip can only improve his record on these issues. Kind of drives home the point, huh? This is the data, and because we know how often Obama votes with the President you can effectively plan out the Obama Presidency in the privacy of your own home with the coin.

The coin is the only change here. Vote for real Change in the form of some third party candidate that best fits your beliefs, not change™ that is at best a coin flip. That is not the change we need, or the change we deserve.

I'll make a deal with all of the Obama supporters out there, if 40-50% deviation from President Bush is "change enough" then I ask you to do this. Take out that coin one last time. Now ask the coin, "Should I vote for Obama?" and flip it, heads you do, tails you don't. Obama supporters claim they are bringing change. They also claim that McCain is the same thing as Bush, which means Obama agrees with McCain 50% of the time. So if 50% chance of change is good enough for you, should it not also be a good enough chance for you to decide your vote? If 50% chance of change, is good enough to run the country, flip the coin, put your vote where your ideology is (where your "good enough" is) -- heads you vote for Obama, tails you vote for a third party candidate.


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