Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

Open Letter to

I am a proud member of, but they have been pressing me a lot lately to get out the vote for Obama. In responce I recently wrote them this open letter. (It's been formatted a bit for Live Journal purposes).

"I live in the swing state of Ohio. I am a HUGE Kucinich supporter, particularly during the Primaries. When he dropped out, I embraced Obama (certainly the more Progressive sounding of Clinton-Obama). I have since been shocked and exceptionally disappointing with what I consider Obama's pandering to the Right. A partial list of what I consider his failures follows:

His abandoning of campaign financing,

desire to expand off-shoring drilling and explore "clean" coal technology,

unconscionable FISA vote,

"separate but equal" stance on gay rights,

extension of faith based initiatives,

vaguely defined "security force" that will be left behind in Iraq after we "withdraw",

agreement with Justice Scalia on handgun control and the application of the death penalty,

the shear amount of money he has received from lobbyists through a bait-and-switch system (as outlined by the AP and brought to light by Ralph Nader),

lapel pin flip-flop,

role and vote in the economic bailout package

and the fact that Senator Obama votes with the President 40-50% of the time

I feel that had I just provided the laundry list outlined above as a generic Candidate X, would have widely denounced said candidate out of hand. I understand that there will always be some that feel 60% is better than nothing, and that Obama's strengths outweigh his weaknesses but it is not enough for me. After holding my nose and pulling the lever for Kerry, I made a vow that I would only vote FOR a candidate, never against. During his DNCC Acceptance Speech Obama was very forceful and to the point: to claim he held positions because they are politically favorable was unfair, and that he believes, honestly, everything he says. Unfortunately, I agree, and, therefore, cannot vote FOR Obama.

There will be those of us who feel that change is incremental and Obama is good enough. I respect their opinion. I merely wish that would do more to support people like McKinney and the Greens, Independents like Ralph Nader, and more hard-line Liberals such as myself. Progressive voices are being left out due to the stranglehold of duopoly of the Democrats and Republicans.

As long as the Obama/Biden ticket (and Democrats in general) can "count" on liberals/progressive votes our voices will not be heard. It is only by making them earn our vote that Change -- not Change as a catch phrase, not Change™ the same way John McCain is a Maverick™, but real Change -- will come.

I hope that you appreciate my suggestions, I deeply appreciate what does for the progressive movement, but I fear that it has been too tied to Democratic politics of late, straying from the ideals of Liberalism regardless where the ideas are generated.

I would be happy to speak about my ideas and listen to yours further should you have time. Thank you for your consideration and time.

- Andrew

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