Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

Another Reason to Dislike Republicans

Besides the obvious reasons to strongly dislike the Republicans and what they are doing to this country, I want to talk about another (perhaps less obvious) reason.

There are plenty of reasons to not want to vote for Obama (FISA, public finance, Iraq, energy, extension of faith based initiatives, fact that he votes with the president 40%, etc) and to criticize him publicly. But what the Republicans have done with these ridiculous, shamefully, and most of all abhorrent attacks on Obama is make it very hard to legitimately point out that 60% change isn't enough. Because as soon as someone hears you criticism Obama, they shut you out and do not hear the facts. Like this one, handguns are among the 40% of things Obama agrees with the President on. People now assume that by pointing out that it is shameful Obama supports off-shore drilling it somehow makes me PRO-McCain or Republican. When are people going to learn that there really are more than two political parties in this country?

A similar thing happened with Nancy Pelosi. I've always thought she wasn't that bright, but after listening to her speech on the bailout I thought I had had a stroke and was simply not properly comprehending the English language anymore. She said, at one point, "I don't know what was so 'great' about the Great Depression." Was that a joke... about the Great Depression? Was she serious? I mean... I don't... I... WHAT THE HELL?!? Regardless of her intent based on how she handled this, how she has voted, and every other time I have heard her opinions, it is clear that she is a moron. Listen to her speak for approximately 3.792 seconds. She's the girl in high school that really REALLY wanted to get elected to student council so she could decorate for the prom. Nancy Pelosi is without doubt the Sarah Palin of the Democratic Party. Yet, shortly after I started saying that to people around me, the Republicans start saying that they didn't vote on the bailout because her speech, "hurt their feelings." Which don't even get me started on THAT steaming pile of idiocy.

You see, by attacking Pelosi and Obama in unbelievably STUPID ways it makes it harder to point out just how bad they are. It makes it harder to sit down and rationally talk about what it means to lead, what our country needs, and why we need Change and not Change™. It's just frustrating as hell that because the Democrats have attacked McCain in a fairly legitimate way the people to the right CAN talk about how they need a Maverick and not a Maverick™.

Thanks a lot Republicans.

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