Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

Second “Great” Debate: The Grand Planner vs. The Grand Nonquestioner and a Political Rant to Boot!

I listened, again didn’t watch, the second debate between the “President” and Kerry. Kerry won this one in my mind, by a bit. This is a better forum for Bush. He is more personal than Kerry. Bush is a better speaker to people. He is cute with his abhorrent grammar skills, funny Texas accent, and big old head. He is so precious, it makes you want to give him a hug no matter what he is saying. It is like when a little puppy walks right up to you and bites your hand. Sure you KNOW it hurts, but that little growl, the funny big head, and the overall cute mannerisms make you forget that currently there are razor sharp teeth tearing their way throw your flesh. Bush is like that little puppy, only he has launched two wars. But Bush didn’t do so hot in this debate either. The woman that asked him what mistakes he made was really good. He avoided it but eventually got around to saying he had appointed some people in the wrong position. Later that night he said that the Generals told him they were going into Iraq with a good plan. Bush refuses to take the blame, for anything. This debate proves he refuses to admit error and that will hurt him.
Then there is Kerry. I am so sick of Kerry’s “I have a plan, but I am not going to talk about it here.” Could there be a more unsatisfying response. The shocking thing is people on the left are eating it up. I think this is partly because they are desperate to say they support Kerry and not just hate Bush. Kerry comes off as lacking vision by just saying he has a plan and then pointing you to a website. This is the problem when you are aiming for the middle class middle ideology crowd. Kerry is so afraid he may say something that alienates someone that he doesn’t say it, he just repeats over and over “I have a plan… I have a plan… I have a plan… Go on the internet and look at my plan… Because I have a plan…” When you forget that not everyone has easy access to the internet, people of lower income, and that a good base of the democratic party are people of lower income, suddenly “go on the net and look at my plan, because I have a plan…” doesn’t seem like such a brilliant strategy. But if you are aiming for the white male middle class masses saying ad nausea “Go on the internet, I have a plan…” seems like a valid option, except for one little problem, the white male middle class masses are NEVER going to vote en mass for the democrats. Most of the white middle class men have fallen for the big lie. They think that one day they will become one of the elite. They think that there is no glass ceiling, they think they will one day be rich, that the boss will invite them to the table. So they want no limits on the wealthy because their ascension is “just around the corner.” This is the lie they have been fed, and the lie they believe with all their hearts. To them, voting democrat is admitting that they will never be uber-wealthy. They will never marry a super-model. They will never have a house in the Florida Keys. They will never have more cars than they can drive. Voting liberal is admitting that walls need to broken down and glass ceilings destroyed if more people are to become wealthy. In essence voting liberal means the average white middle class man is admitting he never had a chance and people of different sexes, religions, sexual orientations, economic status, and race REALLY didn’t have a chance. I say liberal because the Democratic Party is far from liberal these days. They are liberal in rhetoric, about the time they realize their base is about to collapse, but in policy they are conservatives. In this way they make their corporate handlers happy but throw a bone to the base when they are about to be smart and vote Green. This is the great lie that the rabid Democrats have been fed and the one they believe with all their hearts. The average Democrat believes he or she has a party of justice, a party of liberalism, free from corporate ambition and social stratification. To vote Green means to admit that the party they once loved is dead. To vote Green is to admit that the Democratic Party has turned its back on them. To vote Green is to admit that even within their own party they toil under a glass ceiling. The average Democrat is simply afraid to look up. Because in the great hall of the Democratic Party if a member chose to look up, they would see the glass ceiling, the barrier they cannot cross. And if they looked through the ceiling, they would see walking above them all are the CEOs that control the party. And those CEOs are not women, those CEOs are not people of color, those CEOs are not liberal, those CEOs are not in their social economic class, and, worst of all, those CEOs are the same one’s driving Republican Party. The Democratic Party is gone, if you really watched these debates you understand that. Kerry is the new Democrat, Kerry and Bush are of the same party, the Rebulicrat Revolution abounds. If you are a “Democrat” you either refuse to look up and see the truth, or realize it is true and aim to fight against it. Even now, good men and women fight in vane to save the Democratic Party, they are fighting for at least two political parties. I think the Democratic Party cannot be saved. There are those that see the men and women trying to save the Democratic Party as crusaders trying to save a sinking ship, but I just see this as sad. It is always tragic to see people desperately bailing water over the side of already sunken ship.

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