Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

At Time Warner Cable, We Think Like You Think™*

*Assuming you are a moron.

So last Thursday our cable modem's cable light went out, but the cable to the TVs remained working, so I call up Time Warner and go through the rigmarole of talking to their automated service rep. What would take telling a human being a minute (unplugged modem, plugged it back in, powered everything down and then back up, pulled all connections and plugged back in) takes 10 with the machine. Finally the automated voice says, "Hmmm this is a tough one isn't it." At which point, I almost hung up. I finally got to talk to a real person, and they agreed something was wrong so they sent somebody. The guy came out looked at all the connections in the house and outside and had to pawn the job off to another department. Friday rolls around and sure enough another group is out mucking around with the distribution box. He says it is fixed, still no internet. So we replace the cable modem and plug it in. Now we have the internet but it is ungodly slow. So I called again on Friday evening. Today (Monday) they sent someone round and he goes throw all the steps again. This time he concludes the signal strength is way too weak, shrugs and leaves. I call Time Warner Cable AGAIN and they are sending someone round to see about signal strength by the end of he week. Gahh!

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