Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

Windstorm '08!

The remnants of Hurricane Ike recently crawled up the Mississippi, and then ran across the Mid West and I'm afraid fair Ohio was not spared. Last night we had some really terrible winds for a sustained amount of time. It never rained (unlike poor Chicago), but the wind was intense gusting up to hurricane strength.

We lost power for about half an hour, and our old pussy willow bush took a beating. About a third of it ripped off at the trunk and fell into the silver maple doing minor damage to the neighbor's fence in the process. Then, later, another limb broke off of the bush falling across the garden. When I drove to school this morning, I saw major trees down all around town, some even blocking pretty major streets. Parts of Canton were without power, making my commute slower and a bit more dangerous. When a light goes out that intersection should be treated like a 4-way stop. There was a big line of cars doing the right thing, but this idiot next to me almost drove through when it was the other side's turn to move, he slammed on his breaks and narrowly avoided T-boning the car with the right of way. I'll admit I kind of forgot the 4-way stop law/convention when lights go out. But we had been sitting in the line for like five-ten minutes. I looked ahead of traffic to figure out how everyone in front of me was playing this and saw it was being treated as a four way stop, reminding me of the law. This guy didn't. There was no excuse for him not to understand how other cars were treating the intersection. It was scary.

The dogs are fascinated by the downed tree. Millie loves it because where the section snapped off there are some beetle larva in the wood that she ate. Now she keeps going back looking for more. Millie is a master forager! Evie is a little scared of the downed limbs (she doesn't like change) and tries to ignore them as best she can. It takes concerted effort to ignore such a big difference, but she does her best.

I've updated my flickr page with some storm damage photos, some flower pictures, and some pictures of a huge fungus bloom that sprouted in our yard prior to the storm. Enjoy.

Ohhh and because I can't seem to avoid talking about politics lately, John McCain's slogan "Country First" makes me laugh because I thought that it would be great to make a bunch of buttons that read, "God First, Country Second" just to annoy the Evangelicals, because what are they going to say to that?

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