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The Wheel Still in Spin...

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Previous Entry The Wheel Still in Spin... Aug. 11th, 2008 @ 11:59 am Next Entry
There's a lot to talk about. As some may recall I recently discovered and really got into the philosophy of science and tried to make a go at it by applying to grad school thinking they would teach me the philosophy because I knew the science. Turns out they were not impressed. Talking to some professors at potential schools I really need an undergraduate degree in philosophy to go on. Fair enough.

In the mean time I need a job so was looking into a physics position through a head hunting organization. To which I got a few hits and had several interviews. The closest I came was through the school I last blogged about.

I went down to Miami to interview with the school. They spent a ton of money on me (airfare, hotel, and meals) which means they were really really interested. There last science teacher quite at the very last minute. The campus was really cool, I loved the student I met and staff, I thought my interview went well. It was close to many universities so I could have easily picked up summer classes to get my Philosophy BA. It was pretty much a job that I could really enjoy and get behind. My reservations were it is in Miami (I didn't much care for what I saw) and the timeline was horribly compressed -- I literally would have had to throw what I could into a suitcase, move down there on the first flight I could get, learn their grading software and school policies, put together a syllabus, and start school in 7 days! Teach until Labor Day, take a few days off, come back to Ohio, pack for real, and then somehow re-move down there (be it fly or drive). Not a fun sounding adventure. Still it payed really well and sounded like it was my kind of job (lots of freedom on how/what you teach, cool kids, supportive and creative staff). Alas, I got a call today saying they are filling the position internally, but will reopen the search mid-year to have it filled going into next Fall. They greatly encouraged me to reapply so it sounds like they wanted me, but they were not confident that the timeline could work (a fear that obviously I shared).

All in all I'm both disappointing and content. I now shift my focus back to my other plan which was to take some philosophy courses at Kent, pick up a part time job on campus or tutoring some where, and work my way towards a degree so I can move on to gradschool in the near future. And if they call me mid-year and want me to come back down, I'll reevaluate things at that time.
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Date:August 11th, 2008 05:54 pm (UTC)
That actually very much sounds like my kind of timeline. Heck I've cleared entire continents in 3 weeks. My last move was a haphazard affair that left pretty much everything in complete disarray.

Somehow I think Chaos follows me.
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Date:August 20th, 2008 09:29 am (UTC)
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