Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

Just When You Think You Are Out...

... they pull you back in! So after the crushing defeats in regards to San Diego and Spokane schools (I may blog a little about what happened in both, though I may not), I resolved to go to Kent State, take some philosophy courses to earn a B.A. in Philosophy, get a nice little job on campus (maybe astronomy or writing tutor) leapfrogging into a Master's Program and then on to the Doctorate to achieve total victory in the Philosophy of Physics. It wasn't ideal, but was a workable plan and it moved me forward.

Just when I had really come to terms with all of that and thinking, "Yeah! This is going to work!" I get a rather frantic call from another school! They need someone... YESTERDAY. It sounds like they had someone in mind and got left in the lurch so they need a new physics teacher quick. So tomorrow they are flying me down to Miami, will put me up in a hotel, show me around, interview me, and fly me home.

So, here goes nothing...

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