Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

iPod Obituary

Beloved electronic music device, "Andrew's iPod" died today. While walking with Andrew and one of his dogs Andrew's iPod unexpectedly froze, ironically after completing the They Might Be Giants' song, "Don't Let's Start". Minutes later back at iPod's residence, steps were taking to revive the electronic device, sadly all failed. In accordance with its final wishes, iPod will be taken out of its dock and allow its battery to drain to zero. Those close to Andrew's iPod report that it had not been well for some time and it's passing was not entirely unexpected.

Time of death was called at 5:27 PM July 8th 2008. Andrew's iPod lived a rich music filled life. It saw much of Asia and Oceania and parts of America. It made the long trek across the Pacific at least ten times. It has been thrown into backpacks, pockets, and hands, ridden in trains planes and automobiles, played its sweet music through stereos, headphones, and the electromagnetic spectrum. Though an eclectic compilation of songs to say the least, it's memory was filled with everything from gangsta rap to the symphonies of Beethoven to the works of revolutionary thinkers and visionaries in the form of audio books. It's headphone jack eerily silent, the words "Now Playing" appear at the top of it's display. Now playing, in Heaven.

Andrew's iPod was four years old.


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