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Job Prospects

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Previous Entry Job Prospects Jun. 14th, 2008 @ 11:22 pm Next Entry
So my family has been doing a lot of cleaning lately and I discovered a tub of old papers and things from high school and before. As I was sorting what to keep and what to ditch, I discovered one of those stupid "what should my job be?" personality tests we took circa middle school. Between my horrible handwriting and abysmal spelling my #1 match appeared to be "Dispensing Oblivion". I have no idea what dispensing oblivion would entail, but somehow I feel like I would actually be really good at it! I feel like that would be a really solid career choice for me, somewhere I could excel and feel at home.

Alas, a quick google search reveals not many positions are currently available for oblivion dispensers (the ones that are all require several years experience). So I will just have to stick with looking for a teaching job. I currently have my application out at 3 Charter Schools around the country, and may expand to some Private Schools as well. I am going through an independent placement company and they seem to do a really great job. I hope to get a new batch of schools shorty to send my application out to. So far so good!
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