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HELP ME: iPhone or iPod Touch?

This is one of those annoying questions that technology brings. So I put it to you my loyal readers and only friends, iPhone or iPod Touch. Lets go to the tale of the tape:

I don't have a job right now (but I'm hopefully pretty close) so a service charge of $60/month is annoying, but not a deal breaker once I am fully employed. The fact that I have to pay this in order for the damn thing to work IS super annoying. I can't just buy it now and use it like a poor man's ipod touch until I get a job and can use it as a phone too.

I do need a cell phone or will when I am employed (see above).

The functionality of the iPhone is awesome. Uncle Dirtae is glued to his and for good reason. It is nice to have the internet in your pocket for settling bets or just looking random crap up. The iPhone can do that anywhere there is cell coverage.

But the big BIG con about the iPhone is that it isn't a replacement for the iPod for me. With only 16 GB max, that isn't a whole lot of space. It has been pointed out that I could create smart play lists and manage what songs/pics/junk get put up to keep it fresh, etc, etc, but I don't want to do that! Technology is meant to streamline that stuff, the days of making mix tapes is over. I just want to yank it off the cradle and leave the apartment and drop it on when I get home. No fuss no muss.

~~iPod Touch~~
Has the space I need, 32 gigs max.

No service charges.

I use my iPod a lot and like to have all my music with me, and know I would get good use out of the photo features and likely some of the video as well.

But the BIG con about the iPod touch is that it isn't a replacement for the iPhone! I'll still need a cell phone when I get a job (see above). It has all the cool non-voice sending functionality of an iPod as long as there is wifi, but without that, it is just a slick looking iPod. So I'll need 2 devices.

It looks more and more like I will just end up with two devices like I have always carried. A phone and an iPod. It would be cool to have both an iPhone for everyday use and an iPod Touch for those long trips and things that I tend to (and hopefully will continue) to find myself on, but this seems a bit wasteful and decadent. I don't know... I don't know...

So what do you say my minions... errr, "trusted circle of advisers"? Advise me, trustedly!

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