Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

Why We Are the Way We Are.

While out in California I had a kind of epiphany, I suppose. All the people I know from there are really chill relaxed people. Now this maybe due to insufficient sampling size, but I think I am on to something. People from Cali are relaxed, and I figured out why. Driving is California is comparable to the fifth circle of hell. California (apparently) has some kind of deal with stop sign companies because that's all they use. We literally came to a 12 way stop (two lanes of through traffic and a turning lane, all the way around). The reason people from California are the way they are is because traffic is a kind of rage sink that just sucks and sucks and sucks it all up. They can literally rage against traffic until they are completely purged, incapable of excreting one last rageon (which is the carrier particle for rage). While in David's car I remember being madder than I have been in some time. Furious that apparently California doesn't believe in painting the roads, why paint when you can just put down those reflector things? Great for driving at night, but good luck during the day... seriously you'll need it. Or how about having the train drive down the middle of the street, which is (when the train isn't there) a lane of traffic. Yupper BART sure is the best mass transit system in America! See I'm getting mad just remember it, but now I feel cleansed and free. All of my anger from the day has flung itself into traffic and been carted away on their strangely lineless and traffic lightless stupid streets. Where does it go? I don't know, I don't care. I'm mellow.

Now compare this to Ohio. It's nearing the middle of May, three days ago the weather was in the 60-70s, currently it's 45 degrees. There is talk that it may snow. If you ever wondered why people from Ohio are the way they are, this is the reason. Because deep down, we all know - seriously we all know - tomorrow it may snow. It doesn't matter what the weather is like today, it doesn't matter what the weather has been like for the past two months, all that matters - all we know in the back of our brains where doubt and fear and rational thought coexist - is that tomorrow it may snow. It may snow and kill all our flowers we planted today. But in that there is also a kind of cathartic revelation, there will always be a frost, there is always a time to start anew. It's why we are an oddly grounded people, a people on a strangely even keel even in the face of adversity. Along with the knowledge that it may snow is the notion that eventually it has to melt, so it can snow again later. We don't look too far into the future (because it is going to snow) and we don't look too far behind us either (because it snowed back then). We look for windows of hope and fun and dreams, but you never want that window to be too big or opened too wide, because it's tougher to insulate and there's snow coming... probably tomorrow. There's always snow coming.

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