Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath


I made it to Japan safe and sound, but the bad news is the Dollar is unbelievably weak right now. For the first time in my lifetime the dollar to yen exchange rate dipped into the yens FAVOR. When I left Japan it was about $1 was about 125-130円, when I came back this time the exchange rate I received was $1 was 99円. I got hosed both ways. Needless to say I didn't exchange all my cash right away. I'm hoping the dollar rebounds a bit otherwise this trip is going to cost a little more than I thought.

Other than that things have been going pretty well. Dan comes in tonight and we have a big party tomorrow. Thanks to the Daito Massive's help I'm slowly getting over jet lag. I've seen a few of my kids, I thought one might cry. Others were super excited. I've told them me being here is a "big big secret shhhhh" I doubt they will keep it but who cares. I'm happy!

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