Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

TTT: Teeth, Truck, Tapan!

It's all coming together. A while back a friend's mom hit my truck and the door got pretty beat up, well on the 18th I took it in to get re-shaped. Next time I see my truck it will be nice and smooth. I'm very happy about that. Despite my original thinking, it takes more than a beat up Ford truck to launch a country-western career. It appears that even though my truck was a Ford and was beat up my IQ remained prohibitively too high to be a country-western star. So instead of being the next big thing in Country, I was just a guy with a dinged up truck.

Next, for the longest time I was missing two teeth on either side of my central incisors. Looking it up on "the google" I discover the teeth I am missing are called the lateral incisors. Oddly enough one of my grandfathers had another set of these exact teeth! With my pension money from Japan I finally filled the gap. They had to file down my two central incisors and then put a bridge in that used my front teeth as anchors for the new lateral and central incisors. I am really pleased with how they look, and as long as they last it was well worth the big chunk of money I spent on it. The one thing is my gums are really sore right now from the procedure. He had to scrape a lot of the cement off around my gum line and that was not happy times. That will fade, my suave new style will last forever! The teeth feel really weird in my mouth. The false teeth are really smooth and not as sharp as my real teeth, so I have to practice saying all the sounds you need your front teeth for, here I come hooked on phonics volumes: "t", "th", and "f/v"

Last is Tapan, which since "Truck" and "Teeth" started with "T" I figured what the heck, just swap the "T" for a "J" in Japan to make it an all T headline! I's all set and I can't wait. Tomorrow I talk to the Rotary club about my experiences in Japan so that should be fun. It's all coming together. And the feeling of horror that I am spending way too much money recently is fading as I get closer to leaving for Japan. I am going to have such a great time... with my teeth!

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