Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

Ignorance is Strength

Today was a dark day, Dennis Kucinich has dropped out of the race.

What saddens me most is that while he flew back to Washington on a red eye to deal with this FISA mess, Obama and Clinton could not be bothered to show up. It's only the future of our country after all, nothing compared to their latest stump speech, there are mud pies that need to be made to be flung at each other.  They'll worry about illegal and unconstitutional wire tapping, later.

I looked around and crunched some numbers. Here are the percentage of votes the candidates cast in their careers as far back as the Washington Post seems to have easily accessible statistics and/or no one was a member of the 104th Congress (I included Ron Paul because I have many friends that like him and I am leaning towards voting for him if Dennis' name does not appear on the Democrat's ballot).

First the House, running along the top is the Number of the Congress.

 110109108107106105Total Votes
Average %
Total Votes

And now for the Democrats in the Senate:

 110th109th108th107th106th105thTotal Votes
Average %
Total Votes
444645675633672612(varies by candidate) 

So there you go, despite having to vote about half as often as the House, Barack Obama and John Edwards STILL couldn't be bothered to show up to work an average of 15-20% of the time.  For Edwards to criticize Barack Obama during the CNN debates for his (admittedly) abysmal attendance in the 110th congress, is laughable given Edward's 108th Congressional lack of voting, and for Hillary to pile on would have been effective and making a wonderful point if her strong voting record had lasted more than a hat trick.  I was surprised to see just how often Clinton voted, given how often I hear that she is absent for big issue votes, I figured she couldn't be bothered.  Still for Obama to miss about 40% and Clinton to have missed about 25% of the votes thus far is beyond shameful. 

The Democrats hold a very slim margin of majority.  Remember the promises made by the Democrats in 2002, look around and see how much of that has been accomplished, and ask yourself, what could two votes have done in the Senate?  What if Obama and Clinton decided to show up to vote on those days -- decided to do their jobs on those days?  Where were they?  Because I guarantee you Dennis was there, voting.  And maybe that's why he isn't in the race anymore.

See for yourselves (you can just swap out the "110" in the url with the Congress you want to look up), but remember, Ignorance is Strength.

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