Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

Booo to no A+!

So my beloved alma matter Oberlin worked on an A+ to C- scale (with anything below a C- as a "did not pass"). The way Oberlin worked out grade point average was with the following:
An all A+ grade point average was a 4.3 gpa. All A's was a 4.0, A- = 3.7, B+ = 3.3 and so on. Well for Berkeley's application I have to do a lot of statistical analysis on my grades, but they use the scale A+=A=4.0 This ends up hurting me because I really stink at E&M, but I was great in Astronomy courses. In this way my weakness in E&M was countered by my A+'s in Astro. By Oberlin's ciphering I had a high B+ gpa in physics, but by Berkeley's scale I have a B average. Unfortunately this gpa slide affects me in every category (first two year gpa, advanced course gpa, overall gpa, gpa within my major). Yucky!

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