Andrew Magrath (biggrumpy) wrote,
Andrew Magrath

The War on Christmas and My Christmas

In my travels I have met Taoists, Buddhists, Shintoists, Muslims, Jews, Catholics (you'll see why I didn't lump them in with Christians in a second -- it'll be worth it trust me!), Atheists, and Secularists. I thought they were all my friends, then I came back to America and watched approximately four minutes worth of Fox News. Little did I know that all these people (that I had previously thought were my buddies) were actually launching a war on Christmas! I did not see the evidence of this war when I first came home and was walking along, but that was because I was under the sway of Liberal Progressivism. I had no idea that these groups hate Christmas, and hate me because it, and want nothing more than to hunt people who celebrate Christmas down in the street and beat them with baby Jesuses (Jesi?) stolen from those nativity scenes people put in their yards. But thanks to Fox News I now understand, and I am good and terrified by the future... A FUTURE WHERE PEOPLE SAY, "HAPPY HOLIDAYS" INSTEAD OF "MERRY CHRISTMAS'!!!

Enough of me belittling the paranoia and ramblings of the lunatic fringe. It brings me out of the holiday... I mean CHRISTMAS spirit. Kicking these people kind of makes me feel guilty, because it is just so easy. So, in the spirit of the holi... oops, in the spirit of Christmas, let me just say to all those people that think there is a war on Christmas and that people like Bill O'Reilly are on the front lines of this war, "Thank you. Thank you for making me laugh, and laugh, and laugh... and laugh........ and laugh....... at you. I have had so much fun at your expense this year, I owe you. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. And I truly mean this, have a Happy Holiday Season."

Now, let's talk about my Christmas! Yeah!

I had a good one, Jeff and David came home. It was great to see them. David has gone onto New York to be with his fiancee's family. Jeff and Mike are now driving up to NH to campaign for Ron Paul. Alas, I am bound to my computer finishing Graduate School Applications. I am in decent shape, but am a little nervous at all the things I can't control.

Christmas was a lot of fun with the family. I got some nice presents and had some fun. It was all good times.

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